Some interesting facts….

Some interesting AMD facts......…

There are 465 +/- Councils in the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of the United States at any one time. 

The top ten states….

    Ohio with 44 councils

    California with 27 councils

    North Carolina and Virginia with 30 councils each

    Pennsylvania and Texas with 27 councils each

    South Carolina with 19 councils

    Illinois with 15 councils

    Indiana and Georgia with 14 councils each

The ten western states with AMD councils make up 15% with 63 councils.

Eight northern states make up 17% with 71 councils.

Five mid-west states make up 8% with 33 councils.

Twelve southern states make up 32% with 130 councils.

 Utah has 1 council

There are no councils chartered in South Dakota or Vermont

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