Program 2019 Allied Masonic Degrees In-Gathering

"Not as big as the D. C. Masonic Week held in Alexandria, Virginia….but we strive to present quality ritual and have a lot of fun

2019 Ingathering

Saturday, May 18th

Bakersfield Masonic Temple

1920 Eighteenth Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301

AMD Brothers,

With the Grand York Rite Sessions moving out of Bakersfield, Western Council No. 41 is still going to hold the California Allied Masonic Degrees Ingathering at the Bakersfield Masonic Temple, 1920 Eighteenth Street, Bakersfield.

Please Note!

The In-Gathering is a tiled Allied Masonic Degree event… will need your current dues card.

To participate or view any of the degrees you will need to be registered.

Side-liners: members who have had any of the degrees previously conferred upon them will be admitted as “side-liners" providing they produce evidence of the conferral at the registration table to be given a pass.   

Grand York Rite Sessions New Policy:  Registration and payment for the AMD In-Gathering no longer can be made on the Grand York Rite Session Registration form .  

Please use the registration form provided on the Registration page.

On site registration the day of the In-Gathering during hours of registration will be available without penalty, however seating for the Festive Board Feast is limited to advance reservations.  


12:00 pm 1:30 pm 

Open for registration / registration fee…….$3.00                                                                                    Degree Fees: 

The Scarlet Cord; Third Grade ………$65.00  To be eligable for this degree you must have taken the Second Degree.                                                            * $50.00 Grand Council fee: you will receive a degree certificate from the Grand Secretary and have your name recorded in the Scarlet Cord register.                    $15.00 Ingathering fee: card and lapel pin.

The Ark and the Dove: degree certificate, degree card and lapel pin……. $15.00

2:00 pm   Degrees

The Scarlet Cord; Third Grade                                                                                               

The Ark and the Dove

5:30 pm: Ye Ancient Order of Corks will be available for all who attend the Festive Board Feast and is included if you are a registered “Corkie” and have your Cork Challenge Coin.  Non-Corkies will be assessed $20.00.*

6:00pm: Festive Board Feast, a seven course formal dinner with toasts.  Reservations only, no tickets will be sold at the door.  Seating is limited to 50 reservations.  (This dinner is reserved for AMD Members, please make other arrangements for your ladies.)                                                         $50.00

The Cork Degree and Festive Board will be held at the Bakersfield Masonic Temple.


*Available for all who attend the dinner for the one time degree fee of $20.00, which includes a degree certificate, life-time Cork membership card, lapel pin and special challenge coin.  

If you have any problems, questions and/or need additional information please feel free to contact me:

Gary Jackson or 661.345.3320

Western Council No. 41  AMD

1920 - 18th Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301  

PDF Registration Form

If you have any questions or inquires concerning the AMD in-Gathering in Bakersfield contact the California Grand Superintendent from the contact page of this website.

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